We are one of over 1,000 Transition initiatives around the world.  Each is a community-led response to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy.  Each is different but with common ideas:

  • Resilience – a community’s capacity to adapt in order to sustain itself, especially in the context of external shocks (like energy shortages, extreme weather events, economic shifts).  We don’t know what lies ahead but by building resilience we can be better prepared.

  • Localisation – rebuilding local economies to shift the balance away from globalisation.  Our communities can be revitalised by local green enterprises, creating employment, producing locally to meet local needs, reducing carbon emissions, making more efficient and sustainable use of resources.

  • Acting together – communities together can do things that each of us alone can’t achieve.

Achieving a more sustainable future will take everyone’s best ideas and efforts.  Governments have to act (and we have to make sure they do).  Individuals have to make changes in how they live their lives.  Community groups like Transition initiatives can build awareness, inspire action, and promote enthusiasm for creating a new future.


More information about Transition initiatives around the world is on the Transition Network website www.transitionnetwork.org/.

International Transition Network  https://transitionnetwork.org/about-the-movement/


Building resilience  https://transitionnetwork.org/news-and-blog/building-resilience/


Transition stories from around the world  https://transitionnetwork.org/stories/


Rob Hopkins on Transition Town Totnes, the very first --www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3L9n20myqk

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