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  • Roddy Crockett, Sustrans – What’s your vision, how to bring the community and Councils together and along with you in the design and implementation of projects. A community with more walking and cycling is more pleasant and shops benefit. Can you engage shopkeepers?

  • Duncan Codd, Civil Engineer and campaigner from Hurstpierpoint – Designing practical solutions in our three villages. What should we focus on? Examples of good practice.

  • Ian Myhill, Head of Active Travel, West Sussex District Council – West Sussex DC is starting from a low base on Active Travel, and money is tight. But there is momentum and commitment. Open to working with communities. Focus on age range 5-11 and School Streets.

  • Kirsty Lord, District Councillor, Hassocks and Burgess Hill South – As above, focusing especially on walking. What things we can do together – increase the number of dropped kerbs, create a map of dropped kerbs. This is not about cars vs bikes vs walking vs wheeling. Work together.

  • Ian Weir, Hassocks Parish Council – Plans in place to build two walking/cycleways: One from Hassocks station to Burgess Hill; one from Ockley Park to Woodsland Road.


Possible next steps

Community Deliberation – to generate ideas and buy-in. Following that, present top ideas to West Sussex and East Sussex District Councils, with relevant Parish Councils also involved. Go with the grain – how can we work together and add value to their priorities?


Discussion/written comments

  • Lower speeds & improve walking & cycling facilities

  • Active travel between villages – footpaths and cycle routes, esp. Clayton, Keymer straight – (x 8)

  • 20 mph speed limit across Ditchling, Hassocks and Hurst; slow traffic, Keymer straight (x 5)

  • Zebra crossings on High Streets, London Road (2)

  • Cycle parking on all High Streets (x 2). Well built/secure hoops.

  • Widen road and add cycle on A 273 and Clayton Hill – link to A23 Cycle path

  • Public consultation on 20 mph limit and School Streets

  • Increase public transport

  • Remove off street parking

  • Traffic-free days on the model of “Light up Hassocks”.

  • Lower traffic on Dale Avenue/High Street

  • Fix potholes

  • Too many acronyms and too many stakeholders

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