Apple Day October 2017


A lovely crowd came along to enjoy the day, sample the apple bakes & cakes, hot and cold drinks, contribute to our new orchard banner designed by Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, taste different honeys and make smoothies via the smoothie bike.


New this year we had apple fritters, apple poems from St Margarets school Year 4 children and a wider bar selection.  Particularly welcome on such a wet and muddy day were the  pulled pork baps with all the trimmings from Bartholomews Butchers in Keymer and our own veggie sausage burgers with Ditchling apple sauce and stuffing as well as soup and curry.

A special thanks to Bartholomews for stepping in at the last minute. 


We are creating a map of Ditchling’s existing orchards. If you didn’t manage to register yours, please email me your address and types of trees (one tree or more) and we will ensure your orchard is registered.  We will be printing up tea towels for next year.

As you know we are raising funds towards a green roofed shelter for the Orchard.  We are delighted that  our net profit this year was £693.  It was a tremendous effort by all concerned, thanks to all the volunteers and helpers and thank you to all of you who donated so generously for us.  The queue for the apple pressing went on all day.  We will need to continue fundraising to reach our goal of around £4000  and are now about half way to that goal, so will be looking for grants and donations to reach the total.

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